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 One Mans Thurst for Power chapter 1= into the darkness

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PostSubject: One Mans Thurst for Power chapter 1= into the darkness   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:04 pm

-> After the meeting with Gabriel, Zamiel slowly made his way back to his domain with thoughts running threw his head, thoughts about what had just taken place and thoughts about what could be. He could be free from his own prison, a prison in witch he created to try and hid his sorrow. After a few minutes Iblis went into a deep thought showing him striking down Gabriel as this world crumbled. In this day dream they were not standing in the darkness but rather in a bright world with clear blue sky's lushes green grass. In the distance stood a tall tower and He knew this to be part of Gabriel's majestic castle. Zamiel looked off into the distance and he could see that familiar darkness that he knew to be his home and he thought to him self that he would never have to go back. "I told you that I could beat you Gabriel" Zamiel snarled. That thought alone put a smile on his face.
->He continued his way back home down a stretch of what apeered to be a road way that has been weathered, broken, and uneven. Their didn't seem to be anything around him no trees, no grass, and even the air seemed to be missing as his cloak made no movement as he made his trip back. After many thoughts have past Iblis made it to a tall bastion, it looked nothing like Gabriel's but it was grand. His mighty place seemed to loom out of the darkness with a earie red glow. It was tall with many high towers and long flat black high polished walls and a high arching door with two gargoyles standing like sentinels on either side, they didn't move but they seem to have some sort of fire in them just waiting to be called upon.
->Zamiel bastion did not seem like the place you wanted to be but to him it was the entrince to his prison and his kingdom. On the inside the Bastion looked nothing like it did on the out side although it was a vast place, it was quite empty and quite dark even with the candles burning the light seemed to stay within the bounds of them. As he made his way threw a long and dark passageway. Their were no candles or anything that could possibly be any kind of light source and yet the floor seemed to light up with every step he took lighting his way. After what seemed like hours of an agonizing pace Zamiel came upon an old wooden door that was made up of several planks and four black spiked bands binding them together. Slowly he pushed it open to reveal what looked like a whole new and incomplete world.
->As Zamiel opened the large door a Giant beast roes from the ground towering above all who stood near.
->"Yes Blundar it is nearly time." Zamiel broke off for a moment as if he was in a daze. "I have many preparations to make and you better stand guard and keep a heavy eye on the door way." Zamiel finished as he walked past the great beast.
The Beast looked as if it was slapped together by large pieces of rock and fire, standing on all fours Blundar stuck his huge head up to the sky. slowly a low rumble rose from it's chest and a defining roar came from it's muzzle. As he sat their bellowing his eyes glowed a deep fiery red as they began emitting a smoky haze, and then the ground began to tremble. Large cracks could be seen running from each of Blundar's toes. As the cracks ran along the ground craters began to form and fire rose burning the air. The craters slowly began to fill with molten rock and ash filled the sky. The ash began to cascade down and the sky cleared. when everything settled down and the ground stood still Zamiel turned and raised his arms, out stretched he looked up and began to mutter some strange words, some sort of incantation. again the ash rose up but not to the sky but just a few feet from the burning ground. Slowly the ash began to twirl and revolve around in some sort of dance. Faster and faster the ash began to move, and from the ash stepped four darkened figures.
Never taking an eye off them Zamiel casually walked up to them. Slowly he began to pace back and forth right in front of them. Gazing down at the ground he placed his chin between his thumb and forefinger. “I wonder what to make of these....can I control them, or will they be on their own. Unstoppable and unwilling. Well I guess there is only one way to find out.” Stopping at the first one and glaring at it almost as if he was trying to will it with his mind.
“You!” Zamiel pointed at it. “ You are going to be a leader, my eyes and ears of the sky.” As if Zamiel willed it with just the simple words that flowed from his lips it listened. It started to change, not so dark now and much clearer and more defined. Slowly taking shape the body stretching out long. scales formed it's skin. A large spiked tail darted out from one end as a head formed at the other. Four great feet stood on the ground with long arcing nails that dug into the hard rocky soil. It's sides began to tremble as large wings began to push out from it's scales. After a few minutes standing so tall, so luxurious. It opened it's large red hawk like eyes and looked into the sky and bellowed as fire flew from it's large fanged mouth.
Not taking his eyes off the large Dragon that now stood in front of him Zamiel grind “Good...good you will be known as Tarragon . You will be much feared.” Slowly he made his way to the second one and again Zamiel pointed at this one
“You! will be a leader, you will be my eyes and ears on the ground.” Again as if his words willed it the second slowly started to change. It began to hunch over as thick coarse black hair shot out from it's body. It's limbs began to form large clawed paws as a long sleek tail formed. Raising it's large head up with eyes as black as coal and teeth as large as daggers it howled so loudly that rocks began to shake on the ground. The giant wolf stood there not budging, and uncaring as Zamiel walked up to it.
“What a great beast you are Granlobo Sombra, you also will be much feared amongst all who are near.”
beginning to pace again Zamiel started to think. “What will you two be... but more importantly what shall you do?” continuing his pacing, staring at the ground once again. Finally stopping in front of another and staring at it with a long and hard gaze. Once again starting to pace he spoke
“What I need is someone who is quick, someone who can be fast spoken, and someone who can be mysterious. You will not have anyone fallow you...unless you want it”. As he pointed back to the one he stared at he finished. “Your entire job will to be causing havoc. Can you do that”. He finished through gnash teeth.
With a thunderous bang the figure all but dissipated. When the cloud of smoke vanished their was a tiny wing creature. It almost look beautiful until you got up close to see it's white glossy eye's they were so bright they almost glowed. Standing at only a foot tall, it was an ant compared to the two giant beasts that came before. After Zamiel took a good long look he began to laugh. He laughed so hard that he fell to the ground gasping for air. The Fairy not liking what it saw it shot Zamiel with such a gaze that he began to writhe with pain. Rolling on the ground and clutching at his side, The Fairy look away with a slight smirk. Zamiel got back to his feet and stormed up to the fairy with fire in his eyes. Stopping just two inches in front of the fairy his face changed and he gave a wicked smile.
“I like you... you remind me of – Well me and I do so much like that. What shall you be called?” Zamiel thought for a moment “you need a name that will not provoke terror, but one that can be trusted and dare I say horned”
As Zamiel thought about the sprite the ground started to convulse violently. Out of the dust filled darkness the ground broke away and fiery rocks spewed from it shooting high into the air. As the rocks rained down the ground trembled with the hard hot hit's that it endured. The rocks hit the ground with such velocity that more creators could be seen as other areas thrust into the air. The ground shook more making it unable for Zamiel to stand. After many staggers trying to keep his balance Zamiel and the two beasts fell.

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One Mans Thurst for Power chapter 1= into the darkness
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