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 The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 1

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PostSubject: The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 1    Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:21 am

->The day was hot and sticky, no clouds and barley a breeze when my older brother decided that he was growing bored and wanted something to do. like working in the yard all day wasn't something to do. Seeing as he was determined I finally gave in.
->"Fine then Scott where do you suppose we go?" I snorted. "We have plenty here to be getting on with."
->I know" Scott replied. "It's just that it is way to hot out here to be dealing with this crap. So I figured that we could go to the beach for a few hours and we can get the yard done when it is cooler."
"You know that does sound like a great idea." I replied a little excited. "So where do you want to go, to the lake down the road?"
That lake wasn't all that big really it was more like an over sized mud puddle and a little dirty and it could turn any light colored cloths into a strange shade of pink, but it was good if you just wanted a quick break and to cool down.
->"No I was thinking about going to Lake Michigan, we haven't been there in a while and I thought it would be fun. Plus you might be able to find a girlie girl." he finished the last bit with a chuckle as he walked away.
Scott could always get you to do what he wanted no matter how much you tried to resist. It was just something about him and nobody never really thought to much about it, I just thought he was a little strange.
->Unlike the rest of the family who was dark haired and light eyed and maybe a little reserved, he was taller than the rest of us with caramel colored hair and dark brown eyes. He was always a little reckless and we never really trusted him with are cars or really anything for that matter for fear that he would blow them up,or just render them useless.
->"Hey Jasper you coming or what?" Scott yelled with his booming voice.
->"Yeah yeah I am on my way" I replied.
->I slowly made my way back to the house to gather my stuff. The house wasn't to bad but it was small. From looking at the out side with it's white pant chipping in spots you would never guess that the inside was quite spacious. It has three large rooms with two on the left side and the master room, where our parents slept, on the right. Right in the middle was our living room. Our kitchen is in the back with a sliding glass door that led to the back yard. My room was in the back left corner and walking into it was always a trip because it housed all kinds of stuff. It has a large desk in the right corner next to the window that held my computer and various other things my bed was along the left wall under the other window.
->After getting what I needed for the trip and throwing them into a bag I went back to the living room and threw the bag onto the small recliner that sat next to the front door. That's when I heard my brother starting up his truck, oh no we're not taking his truck I thought to my self running out the door. Sure enough the monstrous truck roared to life. I hated that truck with it's over sized tires making it where you had to jump to get into it and you could never tell what color it was because of all the mud that covered it. In retrospect I didn't really hate the truck it was more of Scotts' driving that I hated and seeing the look on his face I knew it was not going to be a simple trip to the lake.
->"What, you scared already?" Scott chuckled "and to think that we didn't even leave yet" he paused as he screwed up his face to look serious "That hurts you know it hurts real deep to know that my little brother is being a baby" he began to laugh making the last bit hard to understand.
->"I'm not scared of you or your truck it's just..." I didn't finish.
->"Oh you'll be fine" Scott muttered trying to hold back the laughter "Just get your stuff and lets go."
With a grumble, I went back inside to get my bag. I heard my brother yelling for me to grab him a soda from the fridge, grabbing one for my self I headed back out. Getting into his truck, trying not to get mud on me, my brother began to laugh. As I slid onto the seat I placed my bag on the floor at my feet because there was no way I was going to put my stuff in the bed, for fear of losing it with his unique way of driving. We headed out, flinging dirt from the rear.
->"Hey, if you hit my car I'm gonna kick your ass!" I yelled.
Looking at me with a smirk, not saying anything he continued driving letting his foot off the gas a little stopping the tires from flinging dirt and stone. We pulled onto a country road and I thought crap I knew it this is gonna be a long drive. Not trying to think of where we are going I just stared out the window.
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The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 1
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