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 The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 2 The drive.

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PostSubject: The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 2 The drive.   Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:55 pm

->The truck screamed down the road. Not taking his gaze off the road Scott grabbed his soda opened it and began to drink deeply. setting the now half empty bottle between his legs he grabbed his pack of cigarettes, pulled one out lighting it up taking a large drag and inhaled. pausing for a minute he looked at me.
->"Hey Jasper you want to see this trail I found it's pretty cool and it will get us to the beach faster". He gave me a smile knowing what I would say. I didn't say anything at first trying to think getting to the beach faster was a good idea and the trail didn't sound to bad.
->"Sure what ever just don't kill me." I muttered giving him a dirty look.
->"No problem we'll get to the beach ahead of time and not one hair on your head will be out of place." He began to laugh after what he said and he turned up the radio.
->We didn't talk much after that he went back to driving, with all most, unblinking eyes. I guessed he was trying to find some sort of sign that he had found the trail, and I went back to staring out the window lost in my own thoughts. I never really liked to think much or get lost in my self but for some reason when ever Scott and I ever driving any were we never really talked so I always found my self in a kinda trance, my head would just bob and sway with the motion of the truck as it moved down the road.
->After a while I noticed that it got quiet, not hearing the radio anymore I looked over at Scott to see him starring at me with a glazed look and a big smile on his face like he had just won the Mega Million.
->"What's wrong>" I asked a little concerned.
->"We're here, well at the trail I mean." he answered not dropping his gaze.
->"So Why have we stopped is their something wrong?" I asked, a little hesitant, for fear of what he might say, like we ran out of gas or the truck had died.
->"No, there's nothing wrong, just wanted to make sure you were ready, to put the truck in four wheel drive". he replied with that smirk, letting his gaze drop from me as he reached for the shifter that would put it in four wheel drive.
This is the time that I didn't like his truck much or his driving, because when ever he would go two tracking he never really thought much, and he always seemed to drive a little to reckless. Well at least to me that's the way it seemed.
->The opening to the trail was small, and you couldn't really see it when you were just driving down the road. Which would explain Scotts' barely blinking, he was trying not to pass it by. We managed to get on the trail, barely missing a large tree, as we wound through some large boulders, and a stack of cut trees. Already I could tell that this was going to be an experience that I would probably not forget for awhile. Just looking at the beginning of the trail it didn't look to bad, considering that it was a trail it seemed pretty flat. Driving about twenty yards, I gasped as this hill came into view, it had to be about thirty feet high with a steep slope. Scott looked at me and began to laugh as he saw the look on my face.
->"Hey, you okay? your not going to freak out are you" he asked trying to stop himself from laughing.
->"Yeah, I'm fine but I don't think your truck will make it up that hill I mean look at it." I replied .
->"Well, there is only one way to find out". he said holding back another burst of laughter.
He pushed the gas harder and the truck screamed louder as it raced down the narrow path. As we got closer I could see that the hill alone was not a problem. But, the huge telephone pole smack dab in the middle of the hill would be a cause for concern; however, Scott seemed to be fine with it. Not taking his eyes off the hill we started the climb, almost immediately, the truck began to slow as the tire sank into the soft beach like sand. Looking out the back I could see two rooster tails, huge streams of dirt, flying into the air from the motion and power of those two huge rear tires. We came upon that pole and Scott easily maneuvered around it, never coming to close to the pole. We finally made it to the top of the hill and the truck seemed to ease as he let off the gas. Looking out my window I noticed a large drop off, I couldn't really tell but there appeared to be cars and trucks off all kinds piled up at the bottom.
->" Um, what are all those there for? Is someone trying to start a junk yard or something?" I asked.
->"Well, you could say that but then again I guess that's why they call this dead mans drop. See, if your not quick enough, or you miss judge your movement going around that pole, you could loose control and end up at the bottom and not the way you want to". He finished with a chuckle.
After hearing that I could tell that this was not a new trail to him but one that he had been on many times. I just wonder how many times, and has he come close to going over. The trail got worse after the hill climb,and it wasn't smooth anymore, but riddled with pot holes and long trenches like someone was trying to say something in Morse Code. The truck jumped, skipped, and hopped as if it were doing some kind of dance, all the while throwing mud and debris all over the truck and splattering the trees.
->The drive seemed to take forever as we wound our way through the trees. It got darker even though it was the middle of the day, then I saw that the trees got much larger and thicker blocking out the sunlight making an artificial darkness. Just as fast as we entered the think trees, we were out from them. Trying to figure out why, I looked out my window and saw a large corn field. I felt nervous again, not because of the trail, no the field made me nervous because that meant we were on someones land. Around here trespassers were not tolerated although, most people would just scream at you as they called the cops, others would shoot at you and even still some of them would hope to hit you. The good thing was that we seemed to pass right by a tall white house unnoticed and that made me feel at ease. Farther down the trail I started to hear the sound of cars passing and I knew that we had to be at the end, sure enough the trail widened into a large clearing with telephone poles running down the side of the truck. Even the trail seemed smoother, it was a lot wider and covered with gravel, probably to make it easier for the large trucks of consumers energy to drive through there so that they could do maintenance on the power lines.
->We stopped at the end of the busy road and Scott turned to me with that glazed look gone but still with that big smile.
->"Was that fun or what!" he exclaimed.
->"Yeah, that was fun, we have to do that again." I had to admit.
->Driving through town was fun watching people stare at us as we drove down the road with thick layers of dirt and mud dropping to the ground with every bump we hit. It looked like we were not the only ones to hit the beach today seeing as how busy the streets were.It took us nearly an hour just to get to the road that would lead us to the beach.

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The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 2 The drive.
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