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 The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 3 The Beach

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PostSubject: The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 3 The Beach   Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:37 pm

->Going to the beach really was a great idea, and probably one of the best ideas Scott as come up with all summer. As we got closer, we began to hear the yelling and the screaming from people around us. After what felt like an hour we managed to find a place to park. Taking up my bag we headed down. After realizing that we had to park so far away i decided to kneel down, I unzipped my bag and rummaged through it grabbing up my roller blades. As I took my shoes off and placing them in the bag I could hear someone muttering behind me, I couldn't really hear them so I didn't pay any attention. Throwing on my skates I headed off starting to feel like I was in my own world nothing, elts mattered. I didn't head towards the beach in fact I was heading away from it.
->"Hey, were are you going?" Scott yelled out after me.
->"Heading to the skate park for a second don't worry I'll be right there." I yelled back at him.
->Watching him sulk away I kept heading to the park. Knowing him he was probably trying to make me feel bad so that I would fallow him, It didn't work. Scott might have this weird pull on people but when I was in my element, it didn't matter what he did or say I would just block him out. I slowly made my way to the park weaving in and out of the parked cars. Not breaking my stride I lightly jumped onto the side walk, glided around the corner where the park would be. I didn't hear anything as I got closer, not the sound of wheels on the black asfault or the sound of gearing people. It was just quiet, I didn't like it when I got to the gate just to see that there had been a lock placed on it .
->"Screw it!" I screamed out and not furious that I could use the park I headed down to the beach where my brother waited for me. It's not like I came here all the time so when I get a chance to use the park... well maybe next time I thought to my self. The trip back didn't seem to take that long I guess not thinking could be the cause of me hitting the beach sooner than what I thought. Still mad I threw my skates into the bag and headed off to find Scott. It wasn't to hard to find him, He was a likeable person and it apeered that he got him self into a game a volley ball. Allthough Scott didn't play sports of any kind he was doing surprisingly very well and given the crowds reaction he must have won.
->I strolled up trying not to pay any atenchen to the people, I just wanted to watch, seeing Scott played kinda remarcablely seeing as he didn't like sports. Thats when I saw these two girls eyeing him and thats when it hit me, he was only playing because they were watching his every movement and they gremised every time he would hit the ground in order to get to the ball in time before hit struck the gound. I began to laugh seeing this take place and aparently they saw me and they scowled at me. A minute later one of them came over.
->"Hey, whats your problem?" the girl asked in a tone that would suggest that she was going to yell me.
->"What? oh nothing is wrong it's just kinda funny to watch Scott." i replied with laughter in my voice.
the girl was kinda pretty with her two piece bathing suite showing off her dark tanned skin, her long beach blond hair and thows dark blue eyes peirecing right through me. They always said if looks could kill you'll be dead, well right now I am pretty sure that I am dead.
->"Oh, you know Scott?" she said as her anger dindalde away. aparently she was not one for anger so it didn't stay.
->"Yeah, he's my brother."I said trying to stifle back the laughter.
->"What you think you can do better than him?" her anger slowly rising again.
->"Alone probably not, But how about we make this interesting and have teams. It will be Scott and I on this side and who ever on that side." pointing to the back side of the net.
->"And what are you doing Jasper? your not trying to impose your self again? because we were having fun here. Scott finished stairing at me with that glazed look in his eyes again.
->"Who me I would never do that""lets just get this show on the road shall we?" I replied showing off a cat like sneer.
->"So who is serving first?" someone yelled out.
->"Um how about we let them serve first' I pointed at the two bruts on the other side of the net.
->We played for nearly an hour when it happond one miss step, a wicked hit, and the sound of a crutch and a scream ment that I just hit someone and given by the sound of the scream I may have broken someones noes. The two brouts ran over to the victim, when I looked up from the ground I could see a mass of people huddled around someone on the ground. Slowly I got up and walked over looking down I could see that it was that same blond I was chatting with just before I began to play. The two brouts stood up, Looking at these to up close like this I got a much better look and I didn't like it. They were tall and built like a freight train. Scott never moved when I looked at the girl but now see what stood in front of me he came up from behind.
->"Lets go" Scott said grabbing me firmly by the arm.
->I threw it off "No they wanted to play and she pushed me and to be honest shit happonds they should not have been this close" I could tell the two men were pissed. This is weir my brother and I differ he was scared of almost nothing but when it came to a fight he would run. Me on the other hand I craved it in fact I loved it, Yes their might have been two of them and just their size alone could intimadate anyone, anyone but me. I didn't care how big they were I was going to stand my ground weather I won or lost they was going to get hurt as well. My temper rose beond the point of no return and my body began to quiver from it.
->" Now this is going to be fun" I snareled from bairly moving lips.
-> the guys just looked at each other and at the same time they began to snicker and I knew that this was it my temper once again was going to get me into trubble. Somehow I didn't care this was their fault not mine and they were going to learn not to piss me off and they were going to learn it right now. We stood their what felt like an eturnity just glaring at each other waiting to see who was going to make the first move. Out of all the fights that I been in I knew that I was not going to make the first move. The plan was to try and stay away and hopefully they would tire out enough so that I could dance around them and pick them off at ease. Suddenly I felt two arms grasp me and yanked me away.
->"Not now this is not the place trust me" Scott wisperd into my ear as he pulled me back toards his truck.
I didn't say anything me temper stopped me from being able to use words so I just grunted and let him move me. He threw me into the truck and with out any words his truck roared to life he threw it into gear and slamed on the gas and we were gone.

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The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 3 The Beach
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