This is a site built on stories that I will write. some of them will be written with the info that you provide me and some will be done by me alone. The site is still at the begging but in time and with your help I hope that it will turn into something splendid. Also in time their will be something for everyone, so pull up a chair and a cup of hot chocolate and let some one tell you a story.

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 The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 4 back on the trial

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PostSubject: The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 4 back on the trial   Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:59 pm

->As we flew onto the main street that would get us out of their we heard the sound of another car screaming as it tried to keep up with us. their car wasn't as big as Scotts truck but it was keeping pace with us just a car length or two behind us as we weaved in and out of traffic. I couldn't tell what Scott was thinking but what ever it was he just had a blank expression. What ever he was thinking about was not good. All of a sudden his lightened,he must have gotten an idea I thought to myself. looking out the rear window I could still see that red sedan behind us still struggling as it tried to keep up with us. I felt at ease because there wasn't many cars that could keep up with the big bored out three sixty with duel headers, that ran a fifty-fifty mix of regular gas and torque racing fuel.
->The ride back to the trail didn't seem to take that long seeing as Scott was driving like a mad man, He didn't even stop to put the truck into four wheel drive. but that didn't seem to matter, the truck flew with ease.
->"Well lets see how they fair done this way" Scott said with a chuckle.
Sure enough when I looked out the rear window again their they were their car bounce in like crazy on the uneven ground. Once we got off the gravel part of the trail on onto the two track the car seem to slow i bit but they still fallowed.
->" Do you think they will fallow us all the way." I asked
->"That's what I am counting on." he replied with grin.
-> The trail seemed different come from this direction. The tracks seemed to be worse much deeper ruts and a lot meaner as well. As we got closer to that farm house we could see smoke coming up in a single black collum.
->"Damn the farmer is out in the field". Scott grumbled.
->I didn't reply to what he had just said, I mean if he is in the field then that had to be a good thing, he might not have a gun on him and that tractor would never keep up with us so that would take out the chance of him chasing us. All the same I was a little nerves as we came upon the house. By dumb luck we made it passed the farm unnoticed. The car was still behind us man they must be pissed if they are still there. The car looked like it was going to die any minute. It had lost the front bumper and both fenders as it made it's way through the trail.
->" You remember what i told the name of this spot was do you?" Scott asked staring at me.
->"Um, yeah, Dead mans drop." I replied not looking at him. "Do you think they will still follow us?" I asked.
->" That's what I am counting on. Out side of farmers not to many people know about this trail and that big pole standing in the middle of the hill. When we get closer you better brace your self because we are going to get some air so be prepared." He finished with a grave look.
->Scott might have been a lot of things but he did protect me the best that he could, or at least the best way he knew how.We drove on without speaking, the only thing we could hear was the sound of the truck and the car that was getting battered behind us.
->"Okay, brace your self the hill is just ahead." Scott said finally breaking the silence that loomed over us.
->"Do you think that they might know about this trail and that hill."I asked quietly.
->"No,no I don't you see how they are going just fast enough to keep us in site."he said I nodded without a word.
->"Well that tells me that they don't know about the hill and what is going to happen to them." He muttered the last bit so that I could hear him.
The car screamed louder as it caught up to us. Scott began to laugh as he stepped on the gas harder and the truck roared picking up speed like a bullet coming out of a gun. To my surprise the car sped up as well.
->"Hear we go!" Scott yelled. gripping the steering wheel tighter.
->I didn't have much to gab in the way of bracing my self so I just tightened the seat belt and locked my legs onto the floor bored pushing myself back in the seat. At the last second he slightly turned the wheel so that we would narrowly miss the pole and we were of into the air. We had to fly about 50 feet down the hill be for we had landed bouncing several times before Scott managed to get a handle on the truck that now screamed in protest. I didn't look back to see if they had made it or not but given the sound, That angry sound of metal going threw a shredder that came from behind i would guess that they did not.
->Scott didn't stop with that evil sound looming from behind, he just concentrated on what was in front of him and in no time we were back home.

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The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 4 back on the trial
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