This is a site built on stories that I will write. some of them will be written with the info that you provide me and some will be done by me alone. The site is still at the begging but in time and with your help I hope that it will turn into something splendid. Also in time their will be something for everyone, so pull up a chair and a cup of hot chocolate and let some one tell you a story.

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 The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 5 denial

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PostSubject: The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 5 denial   Sun Jan 09, 2011 12:03 am

->Weeks after that faithful night we didn't hear anything about what had happened, no news of any kind. That didn't seem to bother Scott. He just went on with life like we never went to the beach. We continued to work in the yard, trying to clean it up and get it ready for the end of the summer party that we always had. It was hard work trying to find spots for all the stuff that we had and there was a lot.
->The yard consisted of an old four wheeler that barely ran but Scott swore that he could fix it if he ever had the time. There was also two dirt bikes that we drove quite often, they were nothing special just Honda two fifty's one was black and the other was a kinda blood red color. there was also a grill, picnic table a dozen or so chairs and a large pole barn in the corner of the yard that had a quite a bit, along with my nineteen sixty-five jet black mustang that I was restoring. Everyone thought that I was crazy because a car that old would take a lot of time and money to get up and running again but I didn't care i love that car.
->After much hard work we finally got the yard cleaned and enough fire wood to satisfy are craving for fire. Our fires were legendary, you see any one can make a bomb fire, but if you wanted the Scott and Jasper experience then you had to attend our end of the year bash. Last year we had the fire department at our house twice because our fire peeked the tree tops and people around us thought our place was on fire. This year was going to be different, to try and avoid that problem we had decided to dig an eight foot deep pit that was about fifteen feet around, but we didn't have our hopes up because we just loved fire to much. bigger the better we always said.
->About a week before the party I started to grow uneasy, i couldn't sleep because of the dreams. It was always the same dream, it was back on that night on the trail but instead of us in the truck we were driving the car. I didn't know what happened because I would wake up right at the top of the hill. I tried to tell Scot about it but he would just shrug it off like he had no idea what I was talking about. Then the day before the party Scott and I got into a huge fight over what I had tried to tell him.
->"Look you need to listen to me I have a bad feeling, someone has been driving slowly past our house and I have had the same dream for a week straight now.' I yelled
->"look I know that you are worried but everything is fine, and I to have seen that car, but do you know what tomorrow is and what had happened last year? It just looks like they are getting prepared for the inevitable" Scott finished calmly showing no emotion.
->"Well, maybe your right, I just don't like it I have never had the same dream with nothing happening, I'm just a little nerves maybe we should try to keep the fire tamed and under control so that we don't draw attention to our self's. I said trying to calm my self.
->He didn't reply to me reply he just stood there gazing at me for a moment and he turned and walked out the door. I didn't know what to say I just stood their staring after him like a child longing for that cookie on the counter that he knew that he could never have. I wanted him to understand, why wouldn't he listen to me after all I know what I am talking about. A minute or two later I went to my room to get some clean close so that I could get in the shower and get cleaned up. About five o'clock there was a ring at the door. Suddenly my heart dropped to the floor when I heard the police officer intro deuce himself.
->"Hello, I am officer Hamilton, I am here on an investigation on the ware bouts of a lost car" He paused for a moment and looked at Scott then he took a quick glace at me."and I know you know a lot of trails out here, so I was wondering if by chance you might have seen any cars on any of them? he finished a little hesitant.
this was it we were busted and the cop knew it I thought to my self, but to to my surprise Scott saved us.
->"Well, honestly I don't really know a lot, most of them I just stumble upon and forget soon after." He said with a grin. "as for any car's" he thought for a moment "no I don't recall that I have seen any out side of the ones on dead mans drop but those are mainly trucks and given the look of them they have been their a wile, and I don't really see a car making it threw their any way." he said with a puzzled look.
->"Yeah your probably right but i might take a poke around their and see what I find. You guys have a good night now>" he finished looking at me again with a strange smile.
He slowly turned and walked to his car. Just before he got in he turned to us again.
->"Good luck with the fire tomorrow, it's supposed to be kinda windy, and try to keep it down hu." He finished with a smile as he slipped into the car and drove off.
->"So, What are we going to do now Scott? If he goes and looks at that trail he is going to see that car" I paused to see if he was gong to say anything and when he didn't I continued. "and he will know that you had something to do with it." I finished feeling my temper rising again. It took a few minutes for Scott to reply, I think what I said had to take time to sink in, or he was trying to come up with something to say. Not giving him a chance to speak I went to my room and slammed the door -- ending the conversation.

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The Cronicals of Scott and Jasper chapter 5 denial
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