This is a site built on stories that I will write. some of them will be written with the info that you provide me and some will be done by me alone. The site is still at the begging but in time and with your help I hope that it will turn into something splendid. Also in time their will be something for everyone, so pull up a chair and a cup of hot chocolate and let some one tell you a story.

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 The Cronicals of Scott And Jasper chapter 6 PARTY! Maybe.

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PostSubject: The Cronicals of Scott And Jasper chapter 6 PARTY! Maybe.   Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:33 pm

->Darkness total utter darkness, complete and empty, a void of emptiness, consumed by it entirely. Maybe it was not empty - maybe it was full, full of pain, full of sorrow, and the unknown. Like a serpent slithering unseen and unheard poking it's head out from a hole, coiled waiting to strike at an unforeseen victim. "What is this I can't see a thing and what was that voice in my head, I never had thoughts like that." I tried to walk but where could I go I could see nothing. I could hear some rustling in the distance like kids playing in some leaves. "How could there be trees here - how could their be anything here." Slowly out from the darkness came two dark figures clad in long dark hooded robes. They seem to be coming right for me.
->I awoke with a shutter, as I felt a cool breeze and the goose bumps on my arms, the cold sweat began to run down my back. "I must have had that dream again", but I don't remember having a dream. Slowly getting out of bed and trying to shake that uneasy feeling from my head. I went to the bath room and splashed some water on my face. slowly I looked into the mirror just to see a pail face stricken with horror staring back at me. "Man I look like hell" he thought. Remembering that today was our End of the year bash, I felt a little better, tonight was going to be epic. Headed back to his room so that he could get some decent cloths on.
->Scott was already awake and out side trying to get the wood set up for the start of the fire. He seemed like he was in a good mood, maybe he forgot about the argument we had last night. I walked into the kitchen, got a cup of coffee and went out to help Scott. The sun wasn't quite up all the way making it kinda hazy and kind of chilly
->"You having fun yet" I said sounding a little apprehensive.
Scott looked up at me already blacken with soot and he did seem to be in a good mood.
->"Yeah I think so well it would be better if this wood could set it self up so that I didn't have to" He replied with a smile
->"I think I am gonna head up to the store to get the last minute things we need. is their anything you need?
->Scott thought for a moment "Well lets see I can use a million dollars, a hot babe wait scratch that make it two hot babes one for each arm you know" he finished laughing seeing my expression.
->"Oh well if that's all I guess I'll have to see what I can do." I started to laugh as I walked to my car.
->" Hey, get me a pack of smokes will ya" Scott yelled'
Jasper didn't say anything he just waved his arm in the air and got in the car. He turned the key but nothing happened. "Damn don't tell me my car's dead the piece of junk". turning the key a couple more times, Finally the car started and He sped off.
->I always try to avoid going through town...I didn't really like it when the people would look at me, it made me feel uneasy. The town became a blur, one strait solid line of color as I pushed the gas peddle to the floor. After what seemed like hours of driving on this windy, unforgiving road I finely made it to the next destination.
->It only took me an hour to get what I needed for tonight's activity's. I only had one stop left and that was one that I didn't want to make. Pulling in front of the little store I got out and I could almost sense that someone was watching me. I pulled open the door and took a deep breath before I stepped in side
->"Hey you coming in or are you just gunna stand there all day?" The store owner barked out.
"Crap what great timing I have." I thought. "Yeah yeah I am just here to pick up an order for Scott" I muttered not trying to make eye contact with him.
->The man also known as Hank, didn't like me much. Who could blaim him really I was the one that broke his daughters heart. If it wasn't for Scott and his obsession for this place I would never have came here.
->"so how are you Jasper?" he asked with a tone of dislike.
->"I am not to bad, could be better you know." I replied grin.
->" Well you had it good". he said emizising the word "had"
->"Look Hank save the small talk I am in a rush." I said with growing fusteration.
I knew what Hank meant, he was talking about his daughter and I didn't want to hear it...not do day at-least. Besides I realy was in a hurry I still had a lot to do before the party tonight.
->"Fine then here you are." Hank snapped.
->"How much do I owe you?" I asked a little heisitently.
->"Nothing Scott payed for it before hand."
->Just has I was about to open the door I heard him yell out "You come back now ya hear.' I slammed the door behind me. I placed the stuff in my car and I was off. It took less time for me to get home, maybe because I sped all the way but who knows.

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The Cronicals of Scott And Jasper chapter 6 PARTY! Maybe.
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