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 One Mans Thurst for Power prologue (formalitys)

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PostSubject: One Mans Thurst for Power prologue (formalitys)   Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:31 am

->Darkness, total darkness like a shroud entirely covered. "Oh how I hate the darkness" a voice loomed out, with a mighty bang their was a dazzling bright light. In the middle of the light stood a figure clad in white with a cloak dancing around him. He didn't seem to be standing on ground but floating with the darkness all around like a blanket attempting to smother the light. The man was tall with long dark hair and eyes as blue as the very sky. He stood for some time gazing off into the far darkness, as if he was waiting for something or perhaps someone.
->A figure slowly came into view, much darker and his face was covered with a dark shroud. Much hatred came from a gruffly voice. "Ah I knew it would be you Gabriel, who would call such a meeting. Have you been waiting long? What a grand time to finally meet face to face. I heard great things about you, and the power that you may posses." The man finished with a smirk. " Yes Zamiel I am. but something tells me that you thought that I would not have shown for a meeting, a meeting that I so dearly wanted." Zamiel stood a head shorter than Gabriel with long hair just as dark as the darkness around them. With a furious gaze Iblis spoke, just above a whisper but determined nonetheless. "I know why you are here Gabriel, and you think that you can stop me? don't wast my time." He finished emphasizing the last few words.
->"Don't think for one second that you can intimidate me." "I am not that easy to be frightened by the likes of you." Gabriel replied, with no sign of backing down. "What ever you can do I can undo and what ever you undo I can redo!" Zamiel screamed With out even thinking about what he was saying. Just seconds after saying it he realized that he just may have made the biggest mistake that he have ever made. In fact his last mistake is what sent him to the darkness. Trying not to let fear show Iblis put on a face witch he hoped resembled someone heroic and he stood firm. "You know it is kinda funny that you of all people would say that for i have come with an idea," Gabriel announced, "You say that you can do or undo anything that I do, well I have a proposition one that just might let you out of the dark and into the light. Well more of a test really, a test to see if what you say is in fact true."" "Oh and what is it that you could passably have to offer me. "This is not another sappy attempt by you is it?...""...Because if it is then I say begone with you! begone and never return."Zamiel finished with a growl and much more hatred flowed from his lips. "No what i propose is this. I garenty that I can create a world, a wold in witch that cannot be destroyed by anything you do." Gabriel replied calmly. "I will give you one month to get your self prepared and after that it will begin." He finished "Is that all? It will only be to easy" Zamiel said. "Well see when the time has come" with a snap of his finger Gabriel was swallowed by the darkness and he was gone.

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One Mans Thurst for Power prologue (formalitys)
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