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 One Mans Thirst for Power this could work

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PostSubject: One Mans Thirst for Power this could work   Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:33 am

->To think that this was over ha what a joke. Who am I kidding to think that this will ever be over, it will never be over. But could I slow him, maybe prolong what he truly wants. If their is I have no choice but to try, to try and find a way because their is no one elit's who can. but if I am wrong what will he do because I know what has been.
->"Gabriel whats wrong" a sweet and lovely voice came from behind.
->"Nothing my sweet" Gabriel answered with a weary voice.
Gabriel stood turning to face the voice. Gabriel with his long dark hair and fiery blue eyes had terror etched on his face that he tried so hard to conceal from his bride. As he looked at her he dropped his gaze to the floor hopping that she couldn't see or that she didn't noticed that he was thinking about the one thing that would make him seem so frail and shaken.
->You need to stop thinking about him it's not doing you any good to dwell on him. Alice said with a tone of worry in her voice.
->"I know but I can't seem to get him out of my mind he's like a stain on my very being."he snapped back a little to hastily.
->"Look at me", She demanded placing her hand on his chin to make him look at her. "It's been nearly a year and their has been no sign of him, not even a hint that he still lives. We are at ease,the town is at ease, the whole of Heofon is at ease and we have you to thank for that" she finished perhaps a little louder than she had intended but she didn't falter when Gabriel gazed at her. after a few minutes he replied maybe your right kissed her trembling hand and he left the room.
->Alice stood their unmoving looking around trying to calm her self from an unnecessary anger that she had no right to feel. When she looked down on the floor weir Gabriel sat she noticed some strange markings. As she got closer to see what it was, What was he up to she thought to her self getting closer. As she stood next to it she began to feel a little strange like she was about to collapse, the room started to get darker like it was being covered by an unnatural fog that should not be their the weather was warm no sign of clouds in the blue sky's. Suddenly like a pouch to the gut she fell to her knees and the room was gone.
->Many things went threw her mind at once but the one thought that hit her was the thought of death. Am I dead....I feel nothing she thought. If this is death what happened what did I do...what did he do, for I felt nothing. Slowly Alice began to open her eyes trying to see around her but their was nothing it was pitch black not like the sun had gone down but as if their was never any light. oh no am I blind she wondered not as if she was scared but as if she knew it was bound to happen with death. Not seeing not knowing she slowly tried to get to her feet but as she stood her legs began to tremble making her unstable and she fell. "Help me" she screamed but no one came.
->She sat their for awhile trying to think but, like the area she was in, so dark and nothing around her, everything was gone just like her thoughts. At last she suddenly saw a figure. It was blurry at first but the longer she looked the easier it was to make it out. Slowly she stood again, she was not weak kneed this time so she was able to stand and she slowly walked towards it "I'm not blind - if I am not blind then where am I" She thought to her self a little more cheerful with the hope that the figure could help her. As she slowly made her way another figure slowly slid into view, she was still to far to make them out clearly but she could tell that they were both men. As she drew upon them she seen that they were engaged in a conversation and neither man looked happy to be here. Neither man noticed her as she stood next to them and no matter how hard she tried they never looked at her.
->It happened so quickly like a shot to the back. The pain was excruciating, like a shot to the back. Alice started to get dizzy again as she collapsed.

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One Mans Thirst for Power this could work
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